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The Mysterious Chests (NFT) are chests full of treasures which have been found in caves, mountains, beaches, jungles, and forests all around Xave World Metaverse.

The players can get Mysterious Chests on the official NFTs’ market, or they can win one of them by participating in the Discord official community.

The Mysterious Chests are fully closed and nobody knows what can be found inside them. The only information available to players is that there are 5 treasures inside them, which can range from XVCs, Master Keys, Lands, and tickets, to numerous NFTs and other surprises.

The place where the chest has been found and its origin will show how likely it is for a treasure to be repeated.

Some chests are still lost, hidden in Xave World Metaverse. If the player is a real adventurer and explorer, he is more likely to find one of these. Yet, in order to be able to open the chest, the player will be required to have a Master Key -not any, but the correct one.

By getting the NFT of a Mysterious Chest, the player receives its treasure automatically.

If you are a real explorer, join our Discord community and ask for more information about the Mysterious Chests.
You will also be able to get a few other chests recently found on the coast of Xave World Metaverse in our official market of NFTs,

If you have any doubts or questions, you can reach us at: [email protected]