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The Master Keys (NFT) are keys which have been forged and carved in the heart of Xave World Metaverse by the ancient beings living there.

Each key has unique and varied characteristics as well as specific functions and hidden secrets.

There are 7 key sets, each of which consists of 7 keys made of 7 different materials: wood, stone, bronze, copper, silver, gold, and diamond. There are 49 keys which, according to their material, have different value, function, and use.

The secret hidden behind each key will be revealed solely to its owner as time passes by and, in some particular cases, after its owner has achieved certain objectives.

Copper, Bronze, Silver, and Gold Keys:

They open the doors to entertainment. By means of these keys, the players will get access to free or exclusive access to various paid events, shows, festivals, etc. Depending on the material -which gives the key its value- the key has a greater or lesser potential for benefits.

Stone Keys:

The key stones are related to the Lands, in which they unlock hidden building elements and sometimes they can even multiply them (new and previously existing ones).

The Stone Keys are the best choice for those players who already have their own Lands. In addition, they give players access to unexplored lands in order to get new pieces of lands and they also give them the priority for future presale events in new districts.

Wood Keys:

Within Xave World, nature extends all over the continent. The Wood Keys are allies to nature and they allow players who have their own Lands to multiply vegetation. They also give access to exclusive events in various natural environments and allow players to get into woods, beaches, jungles, etc. where they will be able to find and collect treasures beyond reach for other players.

Diamond Keys:

These keys are associated to wealth, abundance, and prosperity. They can be used to acquire Lands, a key set, NFTs, tickets, or exchange their value for XVC.

Their greatest benefit is that their value increases over the time and they can be used for business dealings.

Even though having a key or multiple keys (Master Keys) opens the gate to a vast number of benefits within Xave World Metaverse, players have the opportunity to access a greater and even unlimited benefit through the key collections or key sets.

These collections take the player to the next level, to experience the Master Keys’ greatest power.


I. SINGLE MATERIAL (the 7 keys made of the same material):
Who possesses this collection will access to the whole range of benefits multiplies by 10, depending on the material.

II. SEVEN SHAPES (the 7 keys with the same shape made of different materials):
Who possesses this collection will be able to choose the benefits carried by one of the keys and multiply its potential by 5 for a limited period of time.

III. CORRELATIVES (the 7 correlative keys made of different materials):
Who possesses this collection will be able to choose the benefits carried by one key and multiply its potential by 7 for a limited period of time.

IV. SEVEN OF SEVEN (the whole 7 key sets, the 49 keys):
Who completes this collection and thus possesses the 7 key sets will access a special level within Xave World called GOD MOOD, where the player will get all the benefits carried by all the keys in an unlimited way.

There are hidden chests all around Xave World which can be found by the players. These chests are full of great treasures (XVC, NFTs, Lands, etc). By possessing a Master Key, the player can try to open them: the more key the player has, the more chances there are for him to become a newly rich.

It is important to highlight that, because of their strangeness, only a few complete Master Keys sets have been found, thus making them absolutely limited.

How can I get one or multiple Keys?

To access the Master Keys you have to be part of the official Xave World Metaverse’s Discors community.

Click the following button, join our community, and ask for more information. You will also be able to get some of them in the official Xave World Metaverse market: Xave Market

If a player has one or various Master Keys, they will be shown in the NFTs inventory and they can be used when the player accesses an environment in which the keys can release their powers and functions.

If you have any doubts or questions, you can reach us at: [email protected]