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What is Xave’s program For Artists?

It is the tool for the artists to have a greater control over their presence within Xave World’s open metaverse.

What do I get when I join in?

You will be able to customize your avatar in a different way. You will have a verification badge at your disposal which will validate your identity to the rest of the players. You will also access statistics in real time. You will be able to upload content, create events in numerous venues located in the different cities and monetize them, as well as create NFTs, sell merchandising, build your own community and access endless tools especially created to foster your music within Xave World.

Why building an audience within Xave World?

Xave World sets to empower content creators and to be home to musicians, DJs, producers, and music fans of all genres. The more interactions you have by means of the different pre-designed experiences offered by Xave World, the more you increase your chances to get into our algorithms and, in that way, to reach more players. Consequently, you will get more followers who will be notified when you launch new material, experiences, events, NFTs, etc.

What do I need to join the program For Artists?

You only need to fill in the following form so that our team of curators can verify the information provided and, then, contact you to resume the stages to validate your identity. Once you submit the form, you will have to wait until our team can process it. This step might take several days. We will contact you by email.


Before you submit the form, make sure the information provided is correct. You will not want to miss the opportunity!

If you have any doubts or questions, you can reach us at: [email protected]