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LAND are portions of Xave World’s open metaverse which can be acquired by users in order for them to build their own houses or customized places. In addition, users will be able to enjoy a diverse number of unique and exclusive experiences which can be only accessed if they own such LANDS. What is special is that all of them hide a secret, a function, or precious material, which will be eventually discovered and exploited by the owner. A LAND is a digital asset, a real estate NFT which is subject to each city’s or territory’s rules.

LANDS can be joined together in order to give room to larger land as long as they are placed next to each other.

Such LANDS are 16x16 square metres; All of them make a perfect square because of their size.


Players will be able to customize their Lands by making use of various pre-designed assets such as houses, buildings, plants, trees, etc. They will also be able to build a 'Community House', that is, a club for fans where they will have the change to carry out events, sell apartments, build their own community and monetize it.

In addition to this, they will access numerous secret benefits for free just for owning part of Xave World.



Xave World Metaverse has a vast land where 150,000 LANDS are distributed. Nowadays, 66,7% of such LANDS are distributed in 5 areas: Alala (50,000 Lands), Music City (20,000 Lands), Wantaji (20,000 Lands), SoundCulture Island (10,000 Lands), and an area to be explored (50,000 Lands).

20,000 LANDS

The city of music

50,000 LANDS

A place destined for artists, creators and music lovers.

10,000 LANDS

An island only for electronic music.

20,000 LANDS

An area where the main festivals will take place.

Utilities and benefits

What benefits and attributes are obtained by buying a land and owning it in Xave World?

The acquisition of a Land NFT allows you to automatically access a large number of benefits and experiences within the Xave World Metaverse, with our network of partners and also in the real world.

I. Xave Gold ticket: Access to original and exclusive content. Access to the catalog of live concerts with more than 400 shows from world leading artists. Concerts premiere weekly on the GoMusic stage and admission is free for Land NFT owners. Check schedule.
II. Exclusive events within Xave World. The Land NFT allows access to exclusive events and parties that take place on Xave's Yacht or on Xaverin Island.
III. Live shows and concerts in the real world. The Land NFT not only gives you benefits in the metaverse but also in the real world. Access live shows and concerts totally free in different cities around the world for being part of the community.
IV. Access to the pre-sale of NFT collections and limited series.
V. Airdrops, pre-sales, promotions and special offers of merchandising and NFTs.
VI. Access to Meet & Greet with top artists.
VII. Access to exclusive areas of the rooms associated with the Live The Show program.
VIII. Access to the private Discord channel for Land NFT owners with priority to be informed about actions, events, drops and series.

Financial attributes:

I. Being an owner also has financial benefits, with Xave you not only access unique and innovative experiences, but you can also earn income using the different tools available only to owners and holders of Xave Coin.
II. XVC staking for short-term investors.
III. Special Staking Holders & Lands Owners
IV. Xave Access will allow all kinds of exchanges between Crypto. Even loans.
V. A % of the Xave World transaction fees will go to the Land Owners and holders. Investors with a higher % of Stake will receive a higher reward.


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Lands sale calendar


1. March 8th, 2023Enjinstarter ∣ Lands supply: 50Click here!
2. March 28th, 2023Xave Market ∣ Lands supply: 1.000Click here!
3. March 28th, 2023Telefónica ∣ Lands supply: 200Click here!
4. April 3rd, 2023GameFi ∣ Lands supply: 150Click here!
5. April 5th, 2023BelobabaClick here!
6. Coming soon, 2023Venly ∣ Lands supply: 400Click here!
7. Coming soon, 2023PinkSale ∣ Lands supply: 200Click here!

More information about "THE FOREST" click here!.


1. June 24th 2022 (Open for 7 days or until supply runs out) ∣ Available to: Holders (XVC, wXVC, sXVC) ∣ Lands supply: Unlimited
1 (BIS). June 6th 2022 (Open for 7 days or until supply runs out) ∣ Available to: Holders (XVC, wXVC, sXVC) ∣ Lands supply: Unlimited
2. July 15th, 2022 (Open for 7 days or until supply runs out) ∣ Available to: All users (XVC, sXVC) ∣ Lands supply: 500
3. July 22nd, 2022 (Open for 7 days or until supply runs out) ∣ Available to: All users (XVC, sXVC) ∣ Lands supply: 1,000
4. July 29th, 2022 (Open for 7 days or until supply runs out) ∣ Available to: All users (XVC, Fiat) ∣ Lands supply: 3,500
5. Agust 8th, 2022 (Until supply runs out) ∣ Available to: All users (XVC, Fiat) ∣ Lands supply: 9,000

If you have any doubts or questions, you can reach us at: [email protected]

IMPORTANT: in Xave World, we are aware of the serious consequences caused by climate change in the environment. Taking care of it has become a paramount priority to everybody who sees the planet hurt day after day. For this reason, we have decided to make our contribution and, every 10 Lands which are sold on our market -be it in the city or district-, Xave World will buy an NFTree: a non-fungible token related to 10 trees in the real world which eliminate CO2 from the atmosphere.